Going Green

As a salon guest at Arteke you can be assured that your hair and beauty services are being performed in as ‘green’ a way as possible.

Currently we use biodegradable and recyclable products where possible. We look forward to joining forces with Sustainable Salons Australia in 2018 to take this commitment to the limit.

Some of the ways our salon refuse can be repurposed, recycled or reused are…

  • Collecting hair for hair booms that are transported to ports around Australia to soak up oil spills.
  • Collecting ponytail donations for children that suffer from cancer and alopecia. This hair is used to make children's wigs.
  • Collecting and properly disposing of chemicals, colour tubes, paper, plastic, and tools; all for recycling.
  • All metals and our foil for colouring are recycled; the proceeds going to OzHarvest. (4 heads of foils provide 1 meal).

The sustainable waste management system has been introduced to influence the mindset of existing and all future stylists in this industry, where minimising the negative impact on the environment is a priority and a core value.

Watch this space…