Birubi Boost Powder

Get kick-ass waves with a bit of help from the pros!

Wanting that lived-in beach wave look that our fav celebs are sporting but just can’t crack it because your waves drop faster than you can say “I love my hairdresser!”???

If this is the case for you you need to invest in a texturising powder. Not only will it give never ending power to your waves but it will give extra body and will absorb excess moisture that spells disaster to your hard-earned curls.

depending on the applicator you will either need to pump or pepper the powder to the root area first in the spot you require extra body. Then a light application to the mids and ends should do the job.

After application don’t ruffle the hair too much. Just a light sideways squeeze and scrunch to finish your look. For that extra grungy finish grab sections, twist, hold the ends and pull up and away sections from the middle area of the section(or do a light backcomb with our Arteke mirror brush compact!).

Arteke’s Birubi Boost Powder!!! because it comes in an easy to apply pump pack and it’s 100% Aussie made and natural!